Safe Haven Teeth Whitening Program

This program requires the patient to only pay $200 out of the full $400 teeth whitening procedure cost. Their payment will be donated directly to the Safe Haven location in Waterbury, CT. All proceeds go towards the initiative to support counseling services for female domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in the area. Dr. Solhjoo has also provided his dental work for the women at Safe Haven with the goal of giving them a reason to use their smile again.

Safe Haven’s services include emergency shelter for women and children who have been abused, individual and group counseling, legal advocacy for civil and criminal cases, counseling and advocacy for children, such as art therapy, information, and referral. Safe Haven provides outreach to the Hispanic community and educates those unaware of their community.

The Safe Haven location that Dr. Solhjoo currently serves to is at 29 Central Ave, Waterbury, CT. If you would like to learn more about Safe Haven or connect with them for any collaborations, you can go to their website:

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